No. 1300
High-functioning high-current energy technology
Investigating R&D committee on high-functioning high-current energy technology
Keyword : High-current, Power and energy, Nuclear fusion, Application, Measurement
High-current energy technologies have been applied, not only for power and energy but also the medical field, state-of-the-art technologies and more. Furthermore, as energy technology progresses, the increased scope of applications, e.g. nuclear fusion, high magnetic field generation, electromagnetic force application and waste disposal etc., require a further upgrade of high-current technologies. In this report, the present situation and trends of research and development for the upgrade of high-current technologies are described.
High-current technologies in power and energy fields, such as current interruption technologies of molded case circuit-breakers and vacuum circuit-breakers, superconducting cable technologies during the field test phase and fault arc phenomena in electric power systems are described in chapter 2. In chapter 3, trends involved in research and development into nuclear fusion, including the ITER project, are described. In chapter 4, applications in the medical field, such as the high magnetic field MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) etc. are introduced. In chapter 5, as important base technologies, discharge and its application technology, pulse power technology and the standardization trend of high-current measurements for high-current tests involving electrical equipment are described. We hope this technical report can help promote further development in the field of high-current technologies.

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