No. 1301
Present Status and Future Trends of Special Synchronous Machines
Investigating R&D Committee on Special Synchronous Machines
Keyword : Rotating Machines, Motors, Generators, Synchronous Machines, Magnetic Gears
In this technical report, information is widely collected about special synchronous machines which are not reported by the previous Investigating R&D Committees on Synchronous Machines, and it is classified and summarized.
(1) The first topic is synchronous machines that have special structures: synchronous machines equipped with both permanent magnets and field windings, synchronous machines with circular solenoid coils (armature windings) surrounded by a multi-pole magnetic circuit, super low speed synchronous machines equipped with a reduction gear utilizing space harmonics, etc.
(2) The second topic is doubly-fed AC machines that operate in a limited range around the synchronous speed; whether the doubly-fed AC machine is a synchronous machine or an induction machine is discussed, and its uses and practical examples are described.
(3) The last topic is special-purpose synchronous machines: wind power generators using a hydraulic drive, short-circuit generators, flywheel motor-generators, frequency converter systems (M-G sets), metal rolling mills motors not presented in the technical report No. 935, magnetic gears, etc.

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