No. 1303
High speed railways systems in the world
Investigating R&D Committee of the differences and characteristics of worldwide high speed railways systems
Keyword : High speed railway, SafetyCReliable transportation
In the railway systems, each country has been developing its own technologies. This situation causes the necessity of a comparison between technologies for overseas deployments. In this comparison process, the background of each technology has to be made clear. For this reason, this committee summarizes the differences of high speed railway systems between countries. In this report, from the view point of the key elements for high speed railway systems, such as safety, speed, transportation capacity and reliability, and customer satisfaction, necessary technologies in the vehicle, the power supply and the signalling fields are listed. The main target was focused on the electrical technologies, and it is recognized that these technologies concern railway structures and technological preconditions of each country, and for the safety and reliability in the high speed railway systems, each function has to be considered from the view point of a total system. In addition, although evaluation was tried based on the comparison at the beginning, since difference of the present technologies are caused by the background of each country, such as a technological level at the time of developments, and compatibility with existing systems, it turned out that it is difficult to justify superiority or inferiority. This report specifies features and transitions of railway technologies in Japan and overseas, and makes the characteristic of Japanese technologies clear. This report will contribute to future technical developments, overseas deployments and international standard deliberations.

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