No. 1306
Technical Report on Recent Progress and Application Affairs of Surge Arresters
Surge Arrester Investigating R&D Committee
Keyword : Arrester, ZnO element, EGLA, UHV, Polymer-housed arrester
Recently, there are tree remarkable technical progress and application affairs in surge arrester community.
One is publication of IEC standard 60099-8 for EGLA (Externally Gapped Line Arrester) and its spread. Second is the standardization and investigation activity for UHV (Ultra High Voltage) arrester in the related IEC and CIGRE groups. Additionally, third is the revision of IEC standard for polymer-housed arrester, which is propagated in the world. Therefore, this committee investigated and studied the associated standards and technical trends of the above mentioned arresters, as follows.
1.Application affairs and technical issues of the transmission line arresters (EGLA and NGLA: Non Gapped Line Arrester) in the world
2.Development condition, technical issues and standardization works of various type UHV arresters in the world
3.The revising works of associated IEC standards and application affaire of the polymer-housed arresters.
By the activities of this committee, the necessity, background and progress of their standardizations have put in order, and the subjects to be solved have come to clear too. Therefore, these results are expected to contribute the development and improvement of each standard, and also progresses of the arrester technologies.

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