No. 1308
Advanced application techniques of radiation and isotopes
Investigating R&D Committee for advanced application techniques of radiation and isotopes
Keyword : Radiation, radioisotopes, radio-activity, quantum beam, radiation measurement
This investigation committee was established in order to investigate developments and problems of sciences and technologies on radiation and isotope in the rage from basic sciences to applications, investigate new needs for application of radiation and isotope, and make a perspective of technology trend of this area in near future. Seven committees were held by April, 2008 and investigation was conducted in each committee by inviting researchers active at the forefront and discussing the development trend of the area of sciences and technologies. In addition two meetings of study at Tokyo branch meeting of the institute of electrical engineers of Japan and two symposiums at annual meeting of the institute were held to investigate development trend of sciences and technologies of this area. This investigation committee was dispersed at March, 2010 due to achieve the goal of the committee by investigating widely and reach the phase of gathering the results of investigation.

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