No. 1311
A Development Guideline for Production Scheduling Systems - for successful introduction -
Working Group of a Reference Model for Production Scheduling System Construction based on Business Process Modeling
Keyword : Production Scheduling, Production Management, System Development, Business Process, Modeling
With rapid growth of the information technology, many systems for production management using personal computers have been installed into many manufacturing industries. It was also the same time that production scheduling systems began to be introduced in production sites. A production scheduling system includes the very important role for production cost reduction and the improvement in customer satisfaction. However, since a production scheduling system needs the complicated decision-making mechanism, not all systematization has been successful. The decision-making mechanism is different in each purpose and production process of a manufacturing factory and the environment which surrounds a manufacturing company is changing with a product life cycle reduction continuously. Therefore, there are various difficulties in system development and whether systematization is successful is a great influence on a system engineer's skill. Then, in order to realize homogeneous systematization to various kinds of production processes, a reference model for development of production scheduling systems with flexible extendibility and adoptability related to dynamic changes is desired. In System Technical Committee of Electronics, Information and Systems Technical Society, IEEJ, "Working Group of a Reference Model for Production Scheduling System Construction based on Business Process Modeling" was launched to conduct investigation and analysis of a decision making process of production scheduling. In this technical report firstly difficulties of constructing scheduling systems are reviewed, and a novel reference model formed through the discussion in this working group is shown.

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