No. 1312
State of the Art of Worldwide Performance Investigation Technologies for Circuit Breakers
Investigating R&D Committee on State of the Art of Performance Investigation Technologies for Circuit Breakers
Keyword : Circuit Breaker, Investigation Technology, Testing Technology, Standard
A standard of AC circuit breakers JEC 2300 was revised in 2010, which refers the latest information of specification, testing and investigating technologies for circuit breakers so as to coordinate to the international standard IEC 62271-100 and so on. A testing laboratory shall be certificated to satisfy ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, which system can guarantee the international compatibility of high power testing quality. A lot of technical specifications proposed by Japan are adopted as UHV transmission standardization in relevant IEC standards. The international reliability survey by CIGRE A3.06 reported that the reliability of Japanese circuit breakers is on the top level in the world as same as the former survey. Consequently, the influence of circuit breakers technologies from Japan has become greater and greater. Japan has been expected international contribution about the circuit breakers technologies and standardization activities. Considering such situation, the following topics of investigation technologies for circuit breakers were surveyed:
(1) The latest international and domestic specifications for circuit breakers and their transition.
(2) Relevant international or domestic standards and their testing duties.
(3) Testing and investigating technologies, and their technical background.
(4) Comparison of investigation technologies and reliability improving technologies.
(5) International trend of high power testing and laboratory accreditation.

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