No. 1313
Recent Progress of High-Frequency Micromagnetics
Investigating R&D Committee on the High-Frequency Micromagnetics
Keyword : High frequency magnetic materials, Magnetic devices for micro power supply, RF magnetic devices, magnetic sensors and novel applications
High frequency micromagnetics is related to the micromagnetic devices and their applications not only for ICT fields but also, recently, for medical field such as biomagenetic measurement. Recently, R&D on the high frequency magnetic materials and their wide variety of applications have increased more and more, for example, new magnetic devices/sensors, chip-level noise measurement/noise suppression scheme, and other novel applications.
This technical report has been edited by Investigating R&D Committee on the High-Frequency Micromagnetics and includes three chapters shown below.
(1) Novel evaluation scheme for high frequency magnetic properties related to spin dynamics, and recent progress of high frequency magnetic materials
(2) Recent progress of high frequency micromagnetic devices
(3) Novel high frequency micromagnetic applications

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