No. 1321
Improvement of Small Motors and Control Technology of It
Investigating R&D Committee on Improvement of Small Motors and Control Technology of It
Keyword : Small motor, Drive circuit , Control technologies, Simulation technologies
Small motors are used in many machines, including automobiles, home appliances, information appliances, and robots. These applications require sophisticated functions such as high responsiveness and high stability, because motors are used in combination with control and drive circuits, rather than in isolation. Furthermore, for product applications, it is desirable to improve the overall performance of motors including drive circuits, such as miniaturization, weight reduction, noise reduction, reduced vibration, and high efficiency. In order to meet such technical requirements, much research is being carried out ranging from studying materials of a motor, evaluating the design of stators and rotors as well as drive circuits and components, and verifying control methods.
This technical report summarizes improvements in small motors and the current state of control technology by studying recent trends in drive circuit components and control and analysis technologies as well as investigating product case studies.

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