No. 1332
Smart Grid Services and Infrastructure for Electricity Demand-Side Facilities
Investigating R&D Committee on Application Technology of Smart Grid for Electricity Customer
Keyword : Demand Response, Customer Energy Management, System Architecture, Information Model, Standardization
Smart Grid, which is an enhanced power system with ICT, has been expected as a means of de-carbonizing, realizing reliable supply of electricity, and conserving energy usage. In Japan, the Great East Japan Earthquake has spurred the strong attention to demand response and counter measures against disaster. To develop service business for electricity demand-side, ICT infrastructure of services for electricity customers is required so as to establish information exchanges between electricity supply and demand sides.
This technical report investigates the Smart Grid ICT infrastructure systems focused on demand-side technologies. Our study consists of:
- Use cases of energy management regarding to demand response in Japan and the U.S. and regional disaster counter-measure activities at one of the Smart Community Projects in eastern Japan (Tohoku area),
- The ICT system architecture systems from the viewpoint of realization of interoperability based on the survey of use cases,
- Facility Smart Grid Information Model (FSGIM) under developing in ISO TC205 and ASHRAE,
- Proposals from Japan on Smart Grid Connection Point and system interface between supplier and consumer documented in IEC TC57 WG21.

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