No. 1339
Reaction Processes and Advanced Application of Plasma with Liquid
Investigating R&D Committee on Plasma with Liquid
Keyword : plasma at gas-liquid interface, cross-section data, measurement system, numerical model
Research and development of plasma generated on gas-liquid interface has rapidly expanded in recent years. There are various methods for generating and utilizing of the plasma with liquid; this diversification has made comparison of data obtained using different experimental and calculation conditions difficult. This report aims to provide a comprehensive summary@of the plasmas with liquid and supply practical data about them. Chapter two of this report presents the development history of plasma with liquid and chapter three summarizes the basic cross-sectional data for calculation models of the plasma with liquid. Chapter four describes the typical and specific measuring systems,@and chapters five and six present the experimental models and calculation models, respectively. In chapter seven, a basic one-dimensional calculation model of argon plasma using a commercial is described.

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