No. 1341
Recent trend of technical requirements for aged GIS
Investigating R&D Committee on "Recent trend of technical requirements for aged GIS"
Keyword : GIS, gas insulated switchgear, ageing, deterioration, monitoring
Gas insulated switchgear (GIS) was introduced in the early 1970s in Japan due to its compactness and high reliability. However, in-service ageing of the equipment is now in great concern, since the equipment over 40 years old will be increasing from now on, and it may face various problems of ageing.
The recent requirements for the aged GIS have been investigated and studied through a two-year activity of the Investigating R&D committee, and are explained systematically in this technical report.
Some of the typical investigations and study results are as follows.
(1) Investigation of the number of GIS facilities and the examples of accidents/obstacle up to now from the late 1970s, referring to the technical reports published by Electric Technology Research Association.
(2) Summary of the operational problems in the aged GIS by investigating the transitions of specifications, structures, and actual maintenance.
(3) Explanation of the factor and process of deterioration for each aged GIS part, proposal of the service life criteria targeted for every aged parts, and introduction of the actual field situation using representative field data.
(4) Evaluation of the requirements for the monitoring/diagnostic techniques (easy to be added) to extend the lifetimes of aged GIS and to determine the proper replacement time.

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