No. 1345
Basic architecture of BACS engineering for facilities of a building
Investigating R&D Committee of an establishment of BACS engineering framework
Keyword : BACS engineering, BACS, information model, interoperability, cloud application
An ICT oriented BACSiBuilding automation and Control Systemjis constructed by various engineering of technique fields, such as electrical engineering, electronic engineering, communication engineering, system engineering and etc. And BACS becomes very important system as a keystone of building infrastructure. This technical report describes on the outline of BACS engineering as an academic engineering framework composed from various technique fields to make BACS more smart, open, useful, economical and international from the viewpoints of followings,
Outline of BACS engineering and internationalization, The configuration technology of BACS,@Reliability securing technology on BACS,@Information protocol for BACS, Interoperability in BACS, Functions of basic and application for building facilities,
Energy management, BACS as cloud services, Facility controls by demand response of smart grid, Quality control in the life cycle of BACS and The requirements of constructing and earthquake-proof requirements of BACS.

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