No. 1347
Innovative Control Technologies for Nanoscale Servo Control
Investigating R&D Committee on Innovative Control Technologies for Nanoscale Servo Control
Keyword : Nanoscale Servo Control, High-precision Positioning Control, Industrial Application
The Mass Storage System (MSS) committee is the predecessor of this joint research committee, which is called the Nanoscale Servo System (NSS) committee. The MSS committee continued for three terms, after which the NSS committee completed the fourth term. During this period, it deepened, organized, and systemized its knowledge, about high-speed high-precision positioning control technologies. In particular, the NSS committee defined the technology used for super high-speed and super high-precision positioning at nanometer precision as the "Nanoscale Servo", and conducted an all-encompassing survey of nanoscale servo control technology.
This joint research committee was established to continue comprehensive surveys of advanced control technologies and their industrial applications, focusing on nanoscale servo control technologies, and simultaneously on basic technologies other than control system design, such as actuators, sensors, and drivers. Further, the role of this joint research committee is also to discuss and study universal methodologies considering the design and mounting of these basic technologies. This is a report summarizing these discussions and achievements.

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