No. 1350
Agricultural and Fisheries Applications Using Pulsed Power and Plasmas
Investigating R&D Committee of Agricultural and Fisheries Applications Using Pulsed Power and Plasmas
Keyword : pulsed power,plasma,electric field,fisheries industry,farm industry,food processing
This report summarize the investigated results of the agricultural and fisheries applications using pulsed power technology and plasmas. The applications are mainly divided into the "preharvest": seeding,raising seedling,and harvesting of farm products,and the "postharvest": keeping of freshness of harvested products,primary processing such as drying. The former is aimed to improving agricultural productivity,the latter is for reducing production costs and its quality improvement. Detailed information are given regarding the basics and backgrounds of agricultural applications using electricity,germination and growth promotion from the viewpoint of agriculture application,pulsed power and plasma applications for the growth environment improvement of the plants,electrostatic dispersion of the pesticide,sterilization of fungi and mold using high voltage and plasma,extraction useful components,freshness-retaining for vegetables and fruits,information about productization,and so on.

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