No. 1351
Natural Disaster Cases and Protective Measures for Factory Electrical Facilities
- Based on the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake -
Investigating R&D Committee for Natural Disasters and Protective Measures for Factory Electrical Facilities
Keyword : Great East Japan Earthquake,Factory Electrical Facilities,Natural Disasters,Earthquake,Flood Damage,Liquefaction,Ground Subsidence
The Great East Japan Earthquake led to a variety of natural disasters including the earthquake,flood damage (tsunami),liquefaction,and ground subsidence to factory electrical facilities. Once the factory electrical facilities are damaged,the companies will be subject to serious matters such as production activities being stopped caused by shutdown of plants,until they are recovered. Conversely,it becomes possible for companies to continue their production activities by averting damage to electrical facilities or by ensuring swift restoration even if they are damaged.
We have therefore collected information mainly from the damage cases and the countermeasure reports associated with electrical facilities published by the government and various organizations through which we can grasp the changes in needs for electrical facilities and issues to be resolved against these disasters since the said Earthquake. Furthermore,we compiled the cases to be of reference obtaining more information by visiting and interviewing the disaster-struck factories on our own to make this report be utilized for future design of factory electrical facilities.

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