No. 1354
Lightning protection design of low-voltage distribution system
Investigating R&D Committee on lightning protection design of low-voltage distribution system
Keyword : Lightning,low-voltage distribution system,lightning overvoltage,lightning protection design
With the progress of the information-oriented society,the minimization of the power failure is required. Due to the recent progress of the lightning protection design of a medium-voltage line,the number of failure has decreased. As for the low-voltage distribution line,the fault rate has been estimated primarily,although the details of the overvoltages have not been studied yet. For the further development of highly information-oriented society,improvement of reliability of electric power supply to a low-voltage customer will be socially expected in the near future. Since home appliances are connected to the power line and the communication line,it is considered that they are vulnerable to lightning. Therefore,it is important to establish effective lightning protection design for a low-voltage distribution system,which includes a medium-voltage distribution line,customers' electric circuits and a telecommunication line
In this technical report,the following matters are covered: (1) the basic concept about the lightning protection of low-voltage distribution system and its effect,(2) lightning damage aspect of customers' facilities and lightning observation result of low-voltage distribution system,(3) the standard related to low-voltage system,(4) the lightning protection design and its effect of low-voltage distribution system,and (5) the technical matter to be solved in the future.

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