No. 1355
EMC problems of electromagnetic noise characteristics caused by the discharge
Investigating R&D Committee on the characteristics of electromagnetic noise caused by discharge
Keyword : ESD(electrostatic discharge), Discharge, Electromagnetic interference, Transient electromagnetic field, Immunity
This committee was established in Apr. 2011. The mission of this committee is to measure and figure out the characteristics of voltage and current response associated with ESD from the view point of EMC, and to clarify the mechanism in emission of electromagnetic field by ESD with associating the characteristics of electromagnetic field and parameters for discharge. The investigation reports were summarized as followings; (1) Transient electromagnetic field measurement method and measurement of ESD phenomenon, (2) Electromagnetic interference characteristics and the occurrence of transient electromagnetic field with the discharge, (3) ESD immunity examines in the system level, (4) Threat of intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI) and impulsive noise due to the discharge, (5) Corresponds to the problem (such as for example IEC61000-4-2) ESD immunity test method.
As the results, (1) Confirmed the validity of the broadband measurement techniques to investigate measurement techniques in the time domain electromagnetic noise characteristics caused by the discharge, has been proposed. (2) Investigate the electromagnetic radiation mechanism by spherical electrode ESD, such as the polarization characteristics, amplitude characteristics of electromagnetic radiation, the directional characteristics, revealed various characteristics. (3) For ESD immunity test method in IEC61000-4-2, for the difference between the ESD failures occur in the field of fact, it was aimed at the sharing of problems. (4) For simulation technology and modeling of electromagnetic noise effects in ESD immunity test, we propose an analysis method using a transmission line model and investigate its validity. (5) Check the occurrence of the discharge impulse wave of burst-like as a specific phenomenon in the ESD immunity test, We revealed the need for future measures. (6) Fault injection mechanism caused by impulsive noise was confirmed in communication equipment, proceed to consider the field of information security in cooperation.

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