No. 1356
History of the nuclear power generation technology in Japan
Investigating R&D Committee for the history of the nuclear power generation technology in Japan
Keyword : history of technology, nuclear power generation, engineering ethics, technology administration, consensus
First, the outline of the historical fact is described.
Next, the research institution, the industrial world, and the government which were the bearers of technical development are described and look back upon the history of development from each position. The focus is a viewpoint based on reflection of a Fukushima disaster. "Teachings from history" seen from each actor was described being based on the objective fact.
Moreover, it focuses also on the society, the politics, and the economic factor which affected development of nuclear development. The following three were treated as themes.
1. Relation with the atomic power and the nonproliferation policy of the U.S. government.
2. Relation with public opinion or media
3. Social responsibility of a society, or a scientist and an engineering person.
Finally, based on these teachings, the viewpoint considered to be important for future nuclear power generation and technical development was summarized as a proposal.

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