No. 1358
Energy Measurement and Data Analysis
Investigating R&D Committee on Energy Measurement and Data Analysis
Keyword : Energy, Data measurement, Data analysis
The development of recent measurement technology enables the large amount of the data acquisition on energy production and consumption. On the other hand, there are many problems on data analysis and utilization. One of them is that many data has to remain stored. The other is that data measurement method is unclear to achieve the objective of energy management. This report presents the technology trend of energy measurement and energy data analysis technique of energy management for residential, commercial buildings, factories, and so on.
(1) This report presents technology trend of energy measurement equipment and system such as smart meters and new field measurement equipment like the non-contact voltage tester.
(2) This report summarizes investigate results of energy measurement method and data utilization for houses, commercial buildings, factories and energy suppliers. The newly concept of PDCA for energy management is proposed as follows; the plan of the measurement step, the step of implementing the instruments, the measurement data analysis, the step of data utilization.
(3) This report recommends that the effort to facilitate understanding the message from the data analysis is important not only "visualization" but also "understanding".

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