No. 1360
Metrological traceability for smart grid
Investigating R&D Committee for Metrological Traceability around Smart Grid
Keyword : Metrological traceability, smart grid, measurement
Measurement technologies for smart grid have relations with many other technologies such as renewable energy, energy conservation, energy storage, and high voltage and current. A broad range of measurements and a necessary and sufficient accuracy are required for those applications. In addition, the measurement values have to have consistencies. Hence, the measurement technologies for smart grid had been investigated from a view point of metrological traceability for the purpose of establishment of more effective smart grid. As a result, metrological traceability seems to draw attention as an important item for the relationships with international standardization and legal metrology. The smart grid must have a consistency with metrological traceability and international standard such as IEC. Therefore, the overall situation of the metrological traceability for smart grid should be kept monitoring.

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