No. 1361
Small-motor Technologies for Service Robots
Investigating R&D Committee on small-motor technologies for service robots
Keyword : service robot, small-sized motor, power supply, control, and safety standard
Recently, various types of service robots have been recognized as playing an important role in a wide area. Typical examples are as follows: automatic cleaning robots, robots for pets, operation supporting robots, etc. Meanwhile, the future market of the robot industry, exclusive of the area belonging to the manufacturing industry, is expected to grow from 0.2 trillion yen to 7.0 trillion yen by 2035. Our committee has compiled a technical report on the technologies for small motors used in the service-robot industry. In this report, the area of the service-robot industry is defined as that including the industry of actuators each carrying out the work of a person and that of mobile systems such as vehicles, in addition to the robot industry exclusive of the manufacturing industry. The investigation results have been summarized as the following ten technology-trend items: (1) Motor actuators for service robots, (2) Miniaturization and efficiency increasing of motors, (3) Application of stepping motors to robot control, (4) Magnetic material technologies for service robots, (5) Gear technologies for service robots, (6) Power supply for service robots depending on manner of use, (7) Motor control technologies for human-machine interaction, (8) Simulation technologies for miniaturization of motors for robots, (9) Preventive safety technologies for motor vehicles as service robots, and (10) Safety standard for motors and sensors in service robots.

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