No. 1366
International Joint Study Programme on History of Technology Interaction
Investigating R&D Committee for Technology Interaction History
Keyword : history of technology, technology interaction, technical innovation, global contribution, international joint study
The purpose of study is to investigate and analyze the issues of Technology Interaction (TI) from historical point of view on engineering for the purpose of appropriate and successful TI, so that keys to the success could be found through the study. The study shall be done from global point of view, so that TI should be promoted for engineering innovation and for establishment of the framework for global cooperation to promote the study of engineering history.
The report is composed of (I) Executive Summary, (II) Previous Work to review the work on TT, (III) Case Studies on Computers, EMTP, Equipment of CB and AV machines and Education to include immigrant engineers and university reform, (IV) Discussion to show the key factors for successful TI, and (V) Remarks for further activities for the future.
From three points of view of region, sector and generation the results of study were reviewed and analyzed to show the facts that TI could be either promoted or disturbed by competition and/or cooperation, industrial policy, intellectual property right and so on. Also it is shown by the fact that the substantial TI could be achieved by human relations as TI is meaningful on the basis of humanity. The study points up such factors as key for successful TI that is excellent leadership, literacy of technology, industrial infrastructure and mutual understand on culture

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