No. 1372
Current state of Fukushima and trends in superconducting magnetic separation techniques for decontamination
Investigating R&D Committee for decontamination technology using superconducting magnetic separation
Keyword : superconducting magnetic separation, nuclear accident, decontamination, radioactive waste, volume reduction
A large amount of radionuclides were spread by the accident of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2011. The situation of surrounding area of nuclear power plant is momentarily changing. In order to consider for decontamination or volume reduction of radioactive wastes, it is necessary taking into account not only the technical needs but also feelings of inhabitants, reduction of environmental load, reduction of the radiation exposure on workers and efficiency and cost of decontamination work. In this paper, the application possibility of superconducting magnetic separation system for decontamination and volume reduction was discussed compared with other technologies from above multidirectional viewpoint.

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