No. 1390
Creation of interoperability for BACS
Investigating R&D Committee of creation of interoperability for BACS/BEMS
Keyword : BACS/BEMS, interoperability, IoT, electrical installation
The electrical installations of an electricity, a utility, a lightning, an air conditioning, a water supply and drainage and hygiene, a disaster prevention, etc. are supervised and controlled, and managed uniformly by the central monitoring room. This type of the electrical installation supervises continuously and automatically an effective management and a condition of the electric power consumption of the installation and workforce (people). The electrical installation can treat appropriately the occurrence of the installation trouble and maintain the best condition of the installation. The BACS has not only the function of BEMS (Building and Energy Management System) but also the function for the life cycle management (LCM) in the building equipment. These functions consist of the high intelligent building equipment. The investigating R&D committee does the surveying and research from the perspective of the internal and external technologies related to the creation of the interoperability for the BACS from the view point of an engineering. Moreover, the surveying and research of an appropriate policy and a future course of the opened interoperability are performed for the creation of the BACS and its results are summarized in this technical report. The results of the technical report will be possible to apply the specific policy and the future course correspond to the IoT stage of the opened interoperability and service for the BACS from the view point of the engineering.

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