No. 1391
Advanced Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Effective Design
Investigating R&D Committee on advanced electromagnetic field analysis for effective design
Keyword : Electromagnetic field computation, finite element method, magnetic hysteresis, parallel computation
This technical report describes the latest advances in electromagnetic field computations which have been indispensable for design and development of electric machines and devices. This report includes new and important contents on field computations which have never been described in text books. The first section describes a fast method for transient field analysis, vibration analysis of rotating machines, analysis of twisted cables and new treatment of open boundary problems. The second section discusses the equivalent models of electric machines as well as model order reduction for fast computations. The third section reports the results of benchmarking in which various magnetic hysteresis models are comparatively tested. Moreover, this section describes a hysteresis model considering frequency characteristics. The forth section reports various applications of field computations to industries: analysis of non-contacting power transfer, magnetic amplifiers, inductive heating systems and EMC problems relevant to printed circuit boards.

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