No. 1392
Evaluation technology and standardization trend of polymer housed arresters
Investigating R&D Committee for evaluation technology and standardization trend of polymer housed arresters
Keyword : Surge arresters , ZnO element , Polymer-housed arresters
Polymer housed surge arresters began to be used in overseas such as the United States and European countries, as the progress of polymeric material technology for outdoor use and its application to composite insulators. They have advantages such as lightweight, safety against internal short-circuit situation and anti-pollution performance of silicone rubber housing with excellent hydrophobicity. As they have been extensively used in distribution and substation systems in overseas, IEC and IEEE international standards were established.
Our activity mainly covers summarizing the latest trend of evaluation technologies for polymer housed arrester and the attempts to practical evaluation of them. It also includes investigation results on domestic situation of polymer housed arrester application and consideration of its advantage for earthquake-proof design of substation equipment.
The followings are the major subjects of this report.
(1)Weathering performance of polymeric housing materials
(2)Verification tests and evaluation procedure of practical performance
(3)Situation of polymer housed arrester application in Japan and overseas
(4)Earthquake-proof design of surge arresters
(5)Application guide for polymer housed arresters
We expect that this report is utilized to establish and revise the standard for polymer housed arrester through the expanding application, and that it contributes to further technology development of surge arresters.

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