No. 1393
Limits of Power System Equipment For System Operators
Investigating R&D Committee on Limits of Power System Equipment For System Operators
Keyword : Power System Operation,Capacity,Grid Interconnection,Renewable Energy,Grid Code
Apparatuses for electricity supply such as generators, transmission lines and transformers have their own operational limits and constraints. In this technical report, following matters are compiled as the results of our R&D Investigation Committee investigation:
Factors of the operational limits and constraints
Impacts on the power system equipment when the operational limits is exceeded
Operational characteristics peculiar to renewable energy equipment
Grid code in areas that electricity liberalization is preceded
This report describes the articles in the Q & A format in order to help relevant persons/parties, such as power system operators, power system users and manufacturers, to understand and use easily, considering various kinds of parties including non-electricity business have entered into the electricity market due to the libralization of the electric industry.
This report will be indispensable to those who are involved in not only electricity business but also R & D in relation to the electrical engineering field.

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