No. 1394
A Technology Trend of Electric Motors for EV/HEV
Investigating R&D Committee on a trend of Electric Motors for EV/HEV
Keyword : Traction Motor, EV and HEV, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor, Research and Development Trend
A lot of EVs and HEVs have been on the market in recent years. The vehicle technologies in Japan have advantages in the world and have much contributed to realize the sustainable society. Especially, the traction motors for EV/HEV have been rapidly developed in recent years. The power density and the torque density have been increasing due to the strong international development race. Although the Japanese motor technologies have advantages in this field, this is important to keep the advantages in the technologies and to develop further technologies such as low price, high efficiency, and small package.
This report summarized the technical trend of electric motors for EV/HEV. A trend of the vehicle market is firstly described and the analysis results of the motors for commercial EVs/HEVs are described, and the technologies for the traction motor are introduced in the view points of car manufactures and the industrial makers. Also the literatures of the future motors are investigated not only from the Japanese conference proceedings but also from the world conference proceedings.
This report is useful to understand the technologies and future technologies in the traction motor for EV/HEV.

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