No. 1397
Magnetic Material and Its Evaluation Technology for Electromagnetic Actuator
Investigating R&D Committee of Magnetic Material for Electromagnetic Actuator
Keyword : Magnetic material, magnetic property, magnetic measurement, Numerical calculation of electromagnetic field, electromagnetic actuator
It may be said that a high efficiency, downsizing of the electromagnetic actuator system is an urgent problem to be solved, because the big drive revolutions from an internal combustion engine to an electric motor is now in progress in the field of transportation. So the loss reduction particularly the iron loss reduction is considered to be a big problem. The required fundamental technology to solve it is not only the electromagnetic actuator system, magnetic material, magnetization, power electronics, but also magnetic measurement, magnetic sensor and electromagnetic field calculation. A high property electromagnetic actuator is expected to be realized when each technology will be in fusion. So this book shows the fundamental theory of magnetic material and numerical calculation, the magnetic material in a point of view of the electromagnetic actuator, the measurement procedure of the magnetism characteristic, the application to an electromagnetic actuator. This book is said to be the first trial to summarize the different but related technology of the electromagnetic actuator in one book.

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