No. 1398
The problem and solution of the medical equipment and assistive products utilization by medical-engineering collaboration
Medical and welfare research utilization system Investigating R&D Committee
Keyword : medical equipment, assistive products, implementation
Japan becoming the super-aged society prior to the world. Many problems in medical treatment and the welfare field have surfaced by the medical cost containment as a plan of a country, and shortage of the medical welfare talented people resulting from rapid increase of patient load. The contribution from the position of engineering is expected to this problem. Various researches which aimed at fusion of engineering and medical treatment are made, and the brilliant result is reported by the society. However, it is difficult to practical application of those researches at the clinical field of medical treatment and welfare. The cause of this problem has been pointed out since "the needs from the medical-treatment side, the seeds by the side of engineering", and an early stage. Now, the government and a local governing are offering support with emphasis on each research and its clinical application. As a result, in each research, although this problem was solved and the successful example has also come out, it have not resulted in fundamental solution of that problem.
In this technical report, we explore the present problem for the purpose of promoting utilization of medical welfare research, and describe activity aiming at proposing a utilization supporting system.

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