No. 1399
Recent Technology of Power Electronics Interfaced with Utility Power Line
Investigating R&D Committee on Recent Technology of Power Electronics Interfaced with Utility Power Line
Keyword : AC source, rectifier, high-efficiency and lower noise, miniaturization, material technology
The committee specialized in power electronics interfaced with utility power line was organized in November, 2013, and The number of this committee consisted of 31 people. 14 times of committees and two times of the field trips have been held. this committee was dissolved in the end of October, 2016. The contents of the survey are concerning the latest technology of the DC-DC and DC-AC converters interfaced with the AC source in BEMS, HEMS, V2H, and EV.
The symposium was held at IEE-Japan Industry Applications Society in 2016, and we exchanged the opinions with many engineers. As a result, the technical fields could be classified and summarized. It is expected that sharing technology will be easier when technical problems occur, and the efficiency of R & D will be improved. These findings are summarized in the survey report.
Contents of technical report
We investigated technology trend in term of power electronics circuits interfaced with AC source. By publishing their technology fields, the following merits can be expected.
-Circuit topologies of AC-DC conversion technology functioning as an AC source interface are sorted out to element technology and useful technology.
-By summarizing the technical fields, it becomes easier to confirm the technical direction of the researcher and developer, and facilitates sharing of technology and improving efficiency of R & D.
-Common tasks to be examine in the future will be clear.
As a result of these investigation, there were the following technical trends.
-Utilization of various batteries increases for power leveling. Needs of a bi-directional converter for charging or discharging a battery and papers on bi-directional converter technology have increased.
-New devices are in practical use, and power converters is made in higher frequencies. For this reason, papers on miniaturization and low loss technology of not only new semiconductor devices but also peripheral components have been increasing.
-Power electronics apparatus related to solar cells, fuel cells, wind power generation, etc. have been put into practical use, and there is a need for further miniaturization and high power density. Along with this, papers such as structural technology, optimum design technology, heat dissipation technology and so on increase.
-Since the contents of this report is divided to each of the technical fields, it can be the useful information for the technical challenges that appeared at the development of power electronics apparatus.
We hope that this report will be helpful for future research and development.

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