No. 1400
Academic and Research Exchange with Asian Countries, and Next-generation Electronic Materials Technology
Investigating R&D Committee on Application to the Next-generation Electronics of the Study of Organic Dielectricity and Functionality of Electrical and Electronic Materials in the District of Asia
Keyword : Asian countries, Research exchange, Organic functional materials, Engineering of organic molecular devices, Next-generation electronics
In electrical engineering and electronics of the 21st century, it has been believed that the role of organic molecular materials is extremely important, in addition to organic dielectrics and semiconductor materials. It is necessary to comprehend precisely the research trend of the growing Asian countries, not to mention advanced Europe and America, and of the studies progress under the interdisciplinary and international cooperation. Upon paying attention to the culture peculiar to the location, we have investigated and discussed the characteristics of the study based on application to the next-generation electronics of organic dielectrics, conductive electrical and electronic materials in Asian countries such as China, Korea, India etc. Furthermore, to make use well of properties and characteristics of organic dielectrics, semiconductors, conductive materials and organic molecular devices in the field of electrical and electronic engineering, we have been investigating research activities worldwide. The objective our investigation was to establish new scholarly engineering which is necessary for organic electronics, and "engineering of organic molecular devices" is our goal. The field of organic electronics promises exciting new technologies based on inexpensive and mechanically flexible electronic devices and the world of electronics which have been developed mainly on a silicone semiconductor is going to change drastically.
This technical report is comprised of all eight chapters by the following item.
Part I : The academic and research exchange with Asian countries
Chapter 1. Academic and research exchange with China, Korea, and other countries
Chapter 2. Social environment and scientific policy in India
Chapter 3. Exchange with Thailand
Part II : Research trend of the next-generation organic electronic materials technology
Chapter 1. Fabrication techniques of organic thin films and the evaluation based on simulation
Chapter 2. Measurement techniques for studying charge behavior in organic electrical and electronic materials
Chapter 3. Printed thin-film transistor technologies
Chapter 4. Optical applications of functional liquids
Chapter 5. Bioiontronics
We hope this technical report can further the field, and provide a reference for and insights into organic electronic, photonic, and iontronic materials and devices.

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