No. 1403
Application and Control Technology of Battery Energy Storage for Power Systems
Investigating R&D Committee on Application and Control Technology of Battery Energy Storage for Power Systems
Keyword : Battery, Variable renewable energy, System control technology
When a large amount of renewable energy generation, including photovoltaics and wind turbines, is introduced, issues such as surplus power, demand/supply imbalance, and voltage fluctuation on the power systems have occurred.
As a solution to these issues, storage batteries are attracting attention now.
Therefore, use of the storage batteries with smart meters and EMS is expected to increase in the future as a critical element of power systems.

Storage battery system can be divided into two broad categories; (1) System for the power grid aiming to maintain the quality of electricity in the power systems, (2) System for consumers aiming to use the energy efficiently, and to be utilized for outage backup, for peak shift of power consumption, and for optimization control with EMS. The committee has investigated and studied focusing mainly on the battery usage technology for the power system.
This report first explains battery system technology, why the introduction of battery technology has been advanced, and then it introduces examples from past field verifications both in Japan and overseas. The report would help the students and engineers who will engage in application and control technology of battery energy storages in the future to enhance their knowledge and skills, and would contribute to the future development of the battery technology.

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