No. 1404
Next-Generation Application-Specific Electric Motors and Component Technology
Investigating R&D Committee for Next-Generation Application-Specific Electric Motors and Component Technology
Keyword : Application-specific electric motors, Reluctance torque assisted, Next-generation motors, Component technology
Application Specific Electric Motor was defined as "motor based on the structure of the motor and a way of the so-called "hardware " like approach by which an organization changes itself and achieves component performance of a machine or an organization " in around 1994. Today Reluctance torque assisted motors represented by IPMSM are the effective means of reducing global warming ,while applying expansion of it to the motor for driving of household electrical appliance, an electric car and a hybrid car of room air -conditioning is advancing. Meanwhile, The Inst. of Electrical Engineers in Japan has done the investigation of the research and development of motors such as the motor efficiency improvements and the rare earth reductions. Main investigation ad hoc committee expanded the investigation area and investigated about the variable magnetic flux to expand the rated performance of the motor and the driving range and technology of using three-dimensional space. Moreover it can report that investigated about necessary peripheral technology to compose a high performance motor. This technical report shows the result of the next-generation motor which makes the directionality of future's motor development clear, and of the support component technology development trend.

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