No. 1411
Data-based Performance-directive Control System Design
Investigating R&D Committee on Data-based Performance-directive Control System
Keyword : Performance Assessment, Self-repairing, Data Monitoring, Data-driven
In the automation of product manufacture, the maintenance of the whole system as well as the quality-management of manufactured article are demanded. Further, the industrial world has to accomplish both environment-friendliness and the reduction of production cost typified by energy-saving and labor-saving measures. Also, it is preferred that the objective is accomplished using limited information because a lot of useful information is not always obtained.
In light of the current situation described above, in this technical report, results from research focusing on control system design methods for performance-directive based on data, are summarized. The configuration is as follows.
(1) Performance-assessment control system (Chapter 2- Chapter 5)
(2) Self-repairing control system (Chapter 6- Chapter 10)
(3) Data monitoring control system (Chapter 11- Chapter 14)
(4) Data-driven control system (Chapter 15- Chapter 19)

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