No. 1416
Power capacitors and the voltage and reactive power control technologies of electric power system interconnected with distributed power source
Investigating R&D Committee of power capacitors and the control technologies on the voltage and reactive power
Keyword : power capacitor, distributed power sources, power factor, voltage fluctuation, harmonics
Power capacitors and their application technologies have contributed greatly to the effective use of electric power and to the power quality improvement. Then, they have evolved into such static var compensators (SVC) and voltage dip compensators with the development of power electronics technology. However, the fluctuation of voltage and the increase of harmonics, due to the increase of distributed power sources, and additionally the over-lead power factor or the Ferranti effect due to the promotion of "inverter-ization" and "energy-saving" have occurred in recent years. The countermeasure to these problems by the changes of sources and loads in power systems has been requested not only to power capacitors but also to their applications cooperated with power electronics technology.
Considering these circumstances, the technical report describes that the voltage and reactive power control technologies of power capacitors and power electronics application, by which the countermeasures against the increase of over-lead power factor, steep voltage fluctuation and harmonics, and the trends of capacitors for power electronics.

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