No. 1418
Research on Next Generation Lithography Technologies
Investigating R&D Committee on Next Generation Lithography Technologies
Keyword : ArF immersion, EUV, mask, nanoimprint, DSA
LSI (Large Scale Integration) device scaling has supported the basis of rapid growth in information society. The driving force of the LSI scaling is the progress in lithography technologies. According to ITRS (International Technology Roadmap of Semiconductor) 2015, nanofabrication technologies are required half pitch sub-10 nm patterns in 2022. So, research and development in the lithography technologies become more important. Therefore, research committee on next generation lithography technologies has investigated following items in order to clarify the technological issues and to obtain a guideline by researching the next generation lithography technologies; (1) Optical lithography technology, (2) EUV lithography technology, (3) Nanoimprint lithography technology, (4) DSA technology, (5) EB lithography technology, (6) Proton beam, lithography, metrology, and MEMS technologies, and (7) International conference reports.

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