No. 1423
Recent progress in Motion Control for Advanced Applications
Investigating R&D Committee on Motion Control for Advanced Applications
Keyword : Motion Control, Control, Robot
In the field of motion control technology, the research and development of the control methods in multi-degree-of freedom system have achieved superior performance of industrial machines such as machine tools and robots. The studies of higher motion control such as further high precision positioning and controlling in various systems have been advanced even at present, and then, much new control technologies have been developed to a broad application field simultaneously with that. More medical treatment and application research work in the welfare field and the environment related field are also advanced in recent years above all so that the study of the man-machine complex system should be one of the most important issues in the motion control technology. The motion control technology contributes to the developments of electric vehicles, advanced hard disk drive, DVD player, etc., and the applied field of the motion control must be expanded in the future.
This technical report is composed by the following composition, about the latest research and development cases from common fundamental studies to application studies of motion control.
1. Common fundamental technology of motion control
2. Motion control in man-machine complex system
3. Higher motion control technique with advanced sensor

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