No. 1426
Technical Components Supporting Precision Servo Systems and Its Control Application
Investigating R&D Committee on Explore Diversity of Precision Servo Systems
Keyword : Nanoscale Servo Control, Fast and High Precision Position Control, High Precision Force Control, Industrial Applications
Motion control technology is one of fundamental technologies that support manufacturing, in addition to sophistication of home appliances / consumer equipment, industrial equipment, FA systems, storage devices, various information terminal, and practical application of various robots including service robots. Among others, nanoscale servo technology that performs positioning at ultra-high speed and ultra-high precision with nanoscale precision will become increasingly important in the future as a necessary element technology for Japan to lead the world as a technology nation. This investigating R&D committee was established not only to take a comprehensive survey of nanoscale servo control technology, but also to find out a common methodology for applying the nanoscale servo control technology to fast and/or high precision control of speed and force in motion control systems, and for solving problems related to controller design and implementation. This is a report summarizing these discussions and achievements.

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