No. 1429
Supporting Systems for Load Dispatching Operations
Investigating R&D Committee on Supporting Systems for Load Dispatching Operations
Keyword : Load Dispatching Operations, Supporting Systems, Electricity System Reform, Renewable Energy, Artificial Intelligence (AI)
In recent years, load dispatching operations in transmission and distribution companies, such as power demand forecasting, renewable energy forecasting, and outage planning have become more complicated in Japan due to electricity system reform and the increase of photovoltaic and wind power generations connected to the grid under the Feed-in Tariff scheme for renewable energies. Therefore, it is required to upgrade/develop supporting systems by utilizing the latest information technologies to ensure smooth and reliable operations.
Ou r investigating R&D Committee examined the existing supporting systems in electric utilities in Japan, figured out the challenges of the systems, and clarified new functions to ensure reliable operations.
Additionally, we depicted vision for future systems innovated by recent information technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). Moreover, we surveyed existing supporting systems of electric utilities in Europe and the United States.

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