about Fundamentals and Materials Society

about Fundamentals and Materials Society

 The Fundamentals and Materials Society (FMS) covers fundamental fields which are common to applications of electrical engineering, such as electric power and energy, electronics and information and systems, industrial applications, sensors and micromachines. The present activities of FMS, expressed in terms of its 10 technical committees, are Research and Education, Electromagnetic Theory, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Light Application and Visual Science, Instrumentation and Measurement, Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, Metal and Ceramics, Magnetics, History of Electrical Engineering, and Electrical Discharges, Plasma, and Pulsed Power. Based on these fields, FMS aims to pioneer new fields and play a leading role in the development of IEEJ, especially by treating new technologies whose applications are still unclear and helping their growth until their applications become well-defined, and also by treating a wide range of fundamental leading technologies.
  • Appealing plans

     We hold regular society conventions, Technical Meetings, and international meetings. With regard to internationalization and stimulation of societies, we will hold meetings in an appropriate manner, including real and online hybridization, so that lectures can be provided from across the world. In addition, we will hold symposiums at IEEJ Annual Meetings, Special Topic Sessions at Annual Conferences of Society A, and forums on fundamentals and materials with appealing themes to disseminate new research and development trends. In this context, we will disseminate information on our research and technology development and carbon neutral initiatives to realize a sustainable post-corona society. Furthermore, we will hold “Young Scientist Exchange Events” to develop a network of young researchers as part of our youth chapter activities.
  • Research and investigation activities

     Research and investigation activities of FMS are conducted by 10 technical committees established within the society and numerous investigation committees under their umbrella. Investigation committees, as fitting the name of Fundamentals and Materials,” are responsible for various research activities—including education frontier, electromagnetic field theory, electromagnetic environment, optical applications and vision, measurement, dielectric and insulation materials, metals and ceramics, magnetics, electrical technology history, and discharge and plasma pulse power—and play a key role in research and research activities, exploring various themes. The research results of investigation committees are disseminated in technical reports, books, symposiums at IEEJ Annual Meetings, and Special Topic Sessions at Annual Conferences of FMS. The technical committee holds Technical Meetings and international meetings. A few of these presentations have been published as reviewed papers in the transactions of FMS.
  • Publication of the transactions of FMS

     Every month, the society issues the transactions of FMS. Papers reviewed by academics in various fields, research and development letters (bulletins of the latest research results), and introductions to research groups are presented. Special issues of this publication are regularly scheduled based on various appealing themes. In addition, the IEEJ publishes English-language Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This publication is edited by the IEEJ and published by John Wiley & Sons. IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering is registered in the Clarivate Analytics Company’s “Science Citation Index Expanded™ (SCIE). This journal publishes several papers in the fields of the Fundamentals and Materials Society.
  • Annual Conference of FMS

    FMS holds an annual three-day conference between August and September. The following events are scheduled for each conference:  
    •  ・Special lectures
    •  ・Planning sessions (invited lectures and general lectures)
    •  ・Oral presentation sessions in Japanese
    •  ・Oral presentation sessions in English
    •  ・Young Japanese poster sessions
    •  ・Young English poster sessions
    •  ・Various awards
    •  ・Exchange events for young researchers