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The Sensors and Micromachines Society in IEEJ covers three major research areas in sensors and MEMS (micro electromechanical systems) fields: (1) Micromachine Sensor System, (2) Chemical Sensor, and (3) Bio Micro Systems. SAMS provides forum for researchers both in academics and industrial sectors who investigate various aspects on materials, fabrication processes and technologies, devices, design methodology, algorithms, and system synthesis related to those areas. This is the only academic society on sensors and MEMS in Japan. We publish Transactions monthly and organize many academic meetings from local to international level. For example, the Sensor Symposium sponsored by SAMS was established in 1980 and has attracted leading researchers in the fields. SAMS has hosted prestigious international meetings such as Transducers and MEMS Conferences when they are held in Japan. Papers published in the transactions and presented at meetings deal with the latest progress in state-of-the-art research topics; those include micromachine inertial sensors, intelligent sensors, advanced sensing algorithms, micro chemical systems, bio sensors, DNA chips, optical MEMS, power MEMS, NEMS (nano electromechanical systems), vacuum micro electronics and scanning probe microscopy. Applications of sensors and MEMS to automobiles, optical communication, information gathering and storage, environmental monitoring, entertainment and home appliances, medical and health care, ITS (intelligent transportation systems) and industrial process instrumentation are also discussed.

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Micromachine Sensor System
Chemical Sensor
Bio Micro Systems