Student Session

SS1 Student Session 1
9月5日(水) I会場 工学部棟 C208 9時40分〜12時00分
SS1-1 Study on See Through System for Human Body Using Mobile Device 抄録 論文
◎Yukihiko Kida,Kazuhiko Hamamoto(Tokai University)
SS1-2 The difference of biological signal between virtual space and real space 抄録 論文
◎Koichiro Gonda(Tokai University)
SS1-3 Effect of Spatially Changing SSVEP Stimulus in Reality and VR Environment 抄録 論文
◎Tsz Ching Wong(Tokyo Institute of Technology),Theerawit Wilaiprasitporn(Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology),Tohru Yagi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
SS1-4 The Influence of Amplitute-Modulated Sound on SSVEP Magnitude 抄録 論文
◎Amri M Faizal(Tokyo Institute of Technology),Theerawit Wilaiprasitporn(Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology),Tohru Yagi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
SS1-5 A Study on SSVEP in Different Intensity Stimuli 抄録 論文
◎Xiangqian Du(Tokyo Institute of Technology),Theerawit Wilaiprasitporn(Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science & Technology),Tohru Yagi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
SS1-6 Measurement of Emotional Behavior in Mouse 抄録 論文
◎Siti Martina Meliana,Kazuki Imai,Yoshiyuki Kageyama,Motoharu Takao(Tokai University)
SS2 Student Session 2
9月5日(水) C会場 情報科学研究科棟 A22 13時55分〜16時35分
SS2-1 High Efficiency Active Rectifier with Wide Input Voltage Range for NFC 抄録 論文
◎Arijal Muhammad,Retdian Nicodimus(Shibaura Institute of Technology)
SS2-2 Analysis on the Effect of Charge Leakage on N-path Notch Filter 抄録 論文
◎Afifah Khilda,Retdian Nicodimus(Shibaura Institute of Technology),Takeshi Shima(Kanagawa University)
SS2-3 Digital Foreground Calibration for SAR-ADCs with Redundancy Implementation 抄録 論文
◎Taro Mishiro,Akira Hyogo,Tatsuji Matsuura,Ryo Kishida(Tokyo University of Science)
SS2-4 3-D Topology Optimization of Magnetic Cores for Wireless Power Transfer Device Using Genetic Algorithm 抄録 論文
◎Yunyi Gong,Yoshitsugu Otomo,Hajime Igarashi(Hokkaido University)
SS2-5 A Study of Through Current of Hamming Distance Detector Using Clocked Neuron CMOS Inverter 抄録 論文
◎Nao Onji,Takanori Kurano,Masaaki Fukuhara(Tokai University)
SS2-6 Design of a MIMO-PID Controller for a Hydraulic Excavator Considering the Velocity of CoM 抄録 論文
◎Masaki Akiyama,Masatoshi Kozui,Kazushige Koiwai,Toru Yamamoto(Hiroshima University),Koji Ueda,Koji Yamashita,Yoichiro Yamazaki(KOBELCO Construction Machinery)
SS2-7 Propagation Attenuation Quantity in Soil by using Bluetooth Beacon with Eddystone 抄録 論文
◎Kazuhiro Iwata,Akira Ono(National Institute of Technology, Kagawa College)
SS2-8 Improvement of Greedy Forwarding over MANET considering battery using 3 hop Information 抄録 論文
◎Punsapch Bumrungwong,Hiroshi Ishii(Tokai University)
SS2-9 Sound Source Separation Using Complex Weighted Sum Circuits 抄録 論文
◎Shun Nishimaki,Kenji Suyama(Tokyo Denki University)
SS2-10 A comparative study on Discrete Wavelet Transform and Wavelet Packet Decomposition to detect Focal Epilepsy 抄録 論文
◎Prajna Upadhyaya(Tokyo Institute of Technology),Muralidhar G. Bairy(Manipal Institute of Technology),Tohru Yagi(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
SS3 Student Session 3
9月5日(水) D会場 情報科学研究科棟 A23 13時55分〜16時35分
SS3-1 Adaptive Firefly Algorithm Based on Diversification and Intensification in Superior Solution Set Search Problem 抄録 論文
◎Hongran Wang,Kenichi Tamura,Junichi Tsuchiya,Keiichiro Yasuda(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
SS3-2 Fitness-Based Superior Solution Set Search Method 抄録 論文
◎Ryu Fukushima,Kenichi Tamura,Junichi Tsuchiya,Keiichiro Yasuda(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
SS3-3 Single Point Combinatorial Optimization Method Using Distance in Scheduling Problem 抄録 論文
◎Yuta Obinata,Kenichi Tamura,Junichi Tsuchiya,Keiichiro Yasuda(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
SS3-4 A parallel learning method of neural networks with feature extraction mechanism by autoencoder 抄録 論文
◎Osuke Matsui(Chiba University),Takashi Okamoto(SENSY),Seiichi Koakutsu,Tomoyoshi Shimobaba,Tomoyoshi Ito(Chiba University)
SS3-5 Electricity Consumption Forecasting using Deep Neural Network Model 抄録 論文
◎Widyaning Chandramitasari,Bobby Kurniawan,Shigeru Fujimura(Waseda University)
SS3-6 One-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem: Optimize Action of Amount of Usable Leftovers in the Stock 抄録 論文
◎Polnapath Payuhaworakulchai,Shigeru Fujimura(Waseda University)
SS3-7 A Method of Estimating Weighting Parameters in Multi-Objective Optimization 抄録 論文
◎Ryosuke Tachi,Hisashi Tamaki(Kobe University)
SS3-8 A Genetic Algorithm-Based Approach for Adjusting Dispatching Priority of Decentralized and Generalized type in Job-Shop 抄録 論文
◎Takumi Ohkubo,Hisashi Tamaki(Kobe University),Akihisa Horio,Takaaki Imoto,Toyohiro Umeda(Kobe Steel)
SS3-9 Mathematical Programming Models for Operational Optimization of Thermal Grid Systems 抄録 論文
◎Yuki Iwase,Makoto Ohara(Kobe University),Ittetsu Taniguchi(Osaka University),Takuya Matsumoto(Sohatsu Systems Lab),Kazutoshi Sakakibara(Toyama Prefectural University),Tsuyoshi Nagahiro,Hisashi Tamaki(Kobe University)
SS3-10 A Study on Optimisation of Virtual Machine Placement by using Live Migration 抄録 論文
◎Kunihiko Sakurai,Hiroshi Sano,Hiroshi Ishii(Tokai University)
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