Code of Ethics

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We, the members of the IEEJ, recognizing that electrical engineering has various impacts and risks, commit ourselves to observe the following items in our research and development activities and apply the results of said activities in contributing to society and the public interest while aiming to establish a sustainable society.
The IEEJ itself recognizes its social role and fulfills its mission by supporting the members and, as an academic society, will issue public statements giving priority to public interest without being limited by preconceived ideas.
Therefore, we, the members of the IEEJ, agree:

  1. to hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of human beings and society and contribute to establishment of a sustainable society;
  2. to strive to establish harmony with the natural environment, the public and future generations;
  3. to contribute to academic development and cultural improvement;
  4. to respect life, property, honor, and privacy;
  5. to respect the intellectual property rights and intellectual efforts of others;
  6. to treat fairly all individuals regardless of their beliefs, religion, race, nationality, gender, age, disability, etc;
  7. to strive to enhance professionalism and put forward our best effort with pride and responsibility for our duties;
  8. to disclose appropriately and in a timely manner, while making technical decisions, any factor that may adversely affect the public and the environment;
  9. to ensure academic integrity and fairness in making technical assertions and judgments without emphasis on self or organizational interest;
  10. to seek opinions and criticism from the others in a straightforward manner in technical debate, and respond to them with sincerity.

“Code of Ethics” of Japanese version was established on May 21, 1998 and revised on April 25, 2007.
“Code of Ethics” was translated from the Japanese version of April 25, 2007 into the English version and approved by the IEEJ Board of Directors on July 26, 2013.