Abstract of Technical Report

No. Title Issue date
1429: Supporting Systems for Load Dispatching Operations 2018/6/25
1427: Latest trend of magnetic sensing system 2018/8/0
1426: Technical Components Supporting Precision Servo Systems and Its Control Application 2018/5/30
1425: Learning the Fundamentals of Protective Relay System Technology Adapted to Practical Business 2018/2/20
1424: Application of Proactive Techniques for Industrial Electrical Equipment Maintenance 2018/5/30
1423: Recent progress in Motion Control for Advanced Applications 2018/4/5
1422: Recent Trends and Suggestions on Lightning Risk Management for Wind Power Systems 2018/2/20
1421: Recent Progress in Motion Control for High-Functionality 2018/5/15
1420: Recent Progress of Si and WBG power semiconductor devices and ICs 2018/4/25
1419: Asset Management for electrical facilities in water and sewage utilities 2018/1/30
1418: Research on Next Generation Lithography Technologies 2018/4/5
1416: Power capacitors and the voltage and reactive power control technologies of electric power system interconnected with distributed power source 2017/12/25
1414: Technical Issues for Application of Polymer Long-rod and Hollow Core Insulators 2017/12/15
1413: Utilization of ICT in Traffic Control System of Expressway 2017/11/30
1412: Safety and security technology of demand equipment for quality improvement and advanced maintenance 2018/1/25
1411: Data-based Performance-directive Control System Design 2017/11/30
1410: Present status of high magnetic field facilities in the world 2017/10/30
1409: Key technologies for small motors, controls and elements adapted to service robots 2017/10/30
1407: Practical Evaluation Method for Electrical Insulation of Inverter-fed Motors 2017/8/25
1406: Fundamental Techniques for Monitoring and Diagnosis 2017/10/25
1405: Next-Generation Application-Specific Electric Motors and Component Technology 2017.8.30
1404: Trends and Comparative Survey of Transformer Domestic and Overseas Standards 2017.8.30
1403: Application and Control Technology of Battery Energy Storage for Power Systems 2017.5.25
1402: Technical reprt for evaluation and utilization technology of the power magnetic material 2017.12.20
1401: Lightning Surge in Distribution Line interconnected to Dispersed Generation with Special Reference to Renewable Energies 2017/8/10
1400: Academic and Research Exchange with Asian Countries, and Next-generation Electronic Materials Technology 2017/8/30
1399: Recent Technology of Power Electronics Interfaced with Utility Power Line 2017/7/25
1398: The problem and solution of the medical equipment and assistive products utilization by medical-engineering collaboration 2017/7/25
1397: Magnetic Material and Its Evaluation Technology for Electromagnetic Actuator 2017.11.20
1396: High efficiency MHD power generation and application 2017/5/25
1395: Electric power system for automotive and its utilization 2017/5/25
1394: A Technology Trend of Electric Motors for EV/HEV 2017/5/25
1393: Limits of Power System Equipment For System Operators 2017/1/30
1392: Evaluation technology and standardization trend of polymer housed arresters 2017/4/25
1391: Advanced Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Effective Design 2016/12/20
1390: Creation of interoperability for BACS 2017/2/20
1389: Observation, Prediction, and Simulation Technologies for Natural Hazard Mitigation by Electromagnetic Approaches 2016/12/20
1388: Advanced Leading-edge Techniques of Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Rotating Machines 2016/12/20
1387: Electrostatic discharge as a failure source 2016/11/25
1386: Recommended practice for simulation models for automatic generation control 2016/12/20
1385: Trends of AC motor drive application from the users sights 2016/10/20
1384: Technical Report on Application of Information and Communication Technology for Water Supply and Sewerage Facilities 2016/10/25
1383: Evaluation of Properties and Improvement of Polymeric Insulating Materials for Outdoor Use 2016/10/20
1382: Generic Models for the Simulation of Power Electronics Systems: Smart-Grid, Motor-Drive and Automotive Applications 2016/9/30
1381: Technical Challenges for Wider Spread and Benefits in Applications of Matrix Converters 2016/9/5
1380: Energy Storage System for Transportation, and its Applications 2017/2/20
1379: Recent technology Trend of Overhead Transmission Line Conductors and Fittings 2016/8/15
1378: Performance evaluation of new-generation actuators and suggestion of multi-degree-of-freedom structures exploiting their characteristics 2016/7/15
1377: Recent Advances in Real-World Haptics 2016/7/15
1376: Switching phenomena and requirements for high voltage circuit breakers on power systems 2016/4/5
1375: Research trends in Yttrium-Barium-Copper Oxide high-temperature superconducting magnet technology 2016/3/10
1374: Technical Trends in New-Type Voltage Source AC/DC Converters for Power Systems
– with Special Focuses on Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) –
1373: Application of Machine Learning to Service-Oriented Systems 2016/5/20
1372: Current state of Fukushima and trends in superconducting magnetic separation techniques for decontamination 2016/5/20
1371: Fuel cell technology and application suitable for renewable energy society 2016/4/15
1370: Radiation and radioactivity measurement technology related to nuclear power plant accident 2016/8/30
1369: Recent trend of the advanced research on photonics and magnetics 2016/3/15
1368: Latest Situation of Linear Motor Application 2015 2016/3/15
1366: International Joint Study Programme on History of Technology Interaction 2016/5/20
1365: The System Optimization and the Benchmark Problem for Industrial Application 2016/2/25
1364: Present Status and Future Trend of Generating Systems based on Renewable Energies 2015/12/10
1363: Safety and security technology of electrical installations for future buildings 2016/2/15
1362: Security management system for water facility: A survey on the current situation of security practices for water facilities in Japan 2015/10/20
1361: Small-motor Technologies for Service Robots 2016/1/25
1360: Metrological traceability for smart grid 2016/1/25
1359: Application of Energy Storage Technologies to Railway Electrification Systems 2015/12/15
1358: Energy Measurement and Data Analysis 2016/1/25
1357: Present Status of Researches on Ultra-High-Performance Permanent Magnets and Their Applications 2016/1/25
1356: History of the nuclear power generation technology in Japan 2016/5/20
1355: EMC problems of electromagnetic noise characteristics caused by the discharge 2015/12/15
1354: Lightning protection design of low-voltage distribution system 2015/12/15
1353: Risk Management Related to Low-Frequency,Large-Scale Disasters at Municipal Facilities 2015/11/30
1352: Motion Control for Innovative Industrial Infrastructure 2015/11/30
1351: Natural Disaster Cases and Protective Measures for Factory Electrical Facilities – Based on the lessons learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake – 2015/10/5
1350: Agricultural and Fisheries Applications Using Pulsed Power and Plasmas 2015/11/20
1349: The technical trend of insulation system on Medium-Voltage Switchgear 2015/9/15
1348: Present Situation & Recent Technology Trend of Recycle in Electric Power Wires & Cables 2015/9/15
1347: Innovative Control Technologies for Nanoscale Servo Control 2015/7/30
1346: Expansion of power electronics technology to automobiles 2015/7/30
1345: Basic architecture of BACS engineering for facilities of a building 2015/7/30
1344: Cooperation technology between photovoltaic power generation (PV) and power systems to cope with large-scale penetration of PV 2015/7/30
1343: Evaluation of the Effects of Grounding Systems on Lightning Surges and EMC 2015/6/5
1342: Latest Trends of Value Enhancement Technologies of Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems 2015/5/25
1341: Recent trend of technical requirements for aged GIS 2015/5/25
1340: Electromagnetic Inverse Scattering Analysis 2015/5/25
1339: Reaction Processes and Advanced Application of Plasma with Liquid 2015/3/30
1338: Trends of Design Technologies for Hydropower Generating Equipment 2015/4/20
1337: Nanomaterials and Structure Control for Organic Devices with New Function and High Performance 2015/3/30
1336: Recent Trend of Electrical and Acoustic Abnormality Diagnostic Technology for Oil-immersed Transformers 2015/3/30
1335: Lightning Protection for Wind Power considering Lightning Properties 2015/2/25
1334: A systematization of environment-conscious magnetic suspension technology and itsapplication 2015/2/25
1333: Technology Trends in Energy Systems of Information Apparatuses in Home and Office 2015/2/25
1332: Smart Grid Services and Infrastructure for Electricity Demand-Side Facilities 2015/1/30
1331: Survey results for the current specification and operation of protection relays in Japan and trends in overseas technology 2015/1/20
1330: Sustainable technology for technical inheritance support in DC machines 2015/1/20
1329: Load Dispatching Operation of Power System and Meteorological Information 2014/12/15
1328: Applications of Biomedical Photonics 2 2015/1/15
1327: A research and study on improving reliability and safety for the road traffic and vehicle information communication system 2014/12/25
1326: Current Situations and Future Issues of Adjustable-Speed AC Drive 2014/12/25
1325: Surface Properties and Long-term Performance of Polymeric Insulating Materials for Outdoor Use 2014/12/10
1324: Research on Next Generation Lithography Technologies 2014/11/25
1323: Motor and Control Technology suitable for product applications/ 2014/11/20
1322: Technologies for Automotive Smart Electric Power Management 2014/10/30
1321: Improvement of Small Motors and Control Technology of It 2014/10/20
1320: Power capacitors and the improvement technology of electric power quality 2014/10/10
1319: Power Electronics Technologies Applied to Advanced Distribution Networks (Smart Grid) 2014/9/25
1318: Forefront of the Studies of Organic Dielectrics, Conductive Electrical and Electronic Materials and Cultural Exchange with Asian Countries 2014/9/25
1317: Advanced numerical techniques in practical electromagnetic field computation 2014/9/10
1316: Fluctuation Characteristics and Forecast Methods of Renewable Energy Power Output 2014/8/20
1315: Electromagnetic Technologies and Early-Warning System for Natural Hazard Mitigation 2014/8/20
1314: Creation of safety and relief environment of electrical installation used in buildings and factories 2014/7/30
1313: Recent Progress of High-Frequency Micromagnetics 2014/7/25
1312: State of the Art of Worldwide Performance Investigation Technologie for Circuit Breakers 2014/7/15
1311: A Development Guideline for Production Scheduling Systems – for successful introduction – 2014/6/30
1310: ITS and Sensing 2014/6/30
1309: Researches of computing techniques for electromagnetic fields related to human exposure 2014/5/30
1308: Advanced application techniques of radiation and isotopes 2014/5/30
1307: Application technologies of energy storage devices to railway vehicle traction 2014/5/30
1306: Technical Report on Recent Progress and Application Affairs of Surge Arresters 2014/4/30
1305: Performance Improvement of Reluctance Torque Assisted Motor by advances in magnetic materials 2014/4/30
1304: Novel Functions of Nanoscale Magnetic Materials – Fabrication, Evaluation, and Application – 2014/3/25
1303: High speed railways systems in the world 2014/3/25
1302: Value creation & Organization cooperation system in the industrial environment of 21st century 2014/3/5
1301: Present Status and Future Trends of Special Synchronous Machines 2014/2/25
1300: High-functioning high-current energy technology 2014/1/20
1299: System Integration Technology for Power Electronics 2014/1/20
1298: Fusion Power Reactor Based on Spherical Tokamak 2013/12/25
1297: Advancement of Traffic Control System in Expressway 2013/11/25
1296: Practical Analysis Techniques of 3-D Electromagnetic Field for Rotating Machines 2013/11/25
1295: Trend and application of Energy Saving Technology for Steel Industry 2013/10/30
1294: Data-Oriented Prediction and Control -Data, Data and Data- 2013/10/30
1293: Microstructures, compositions and physical properties of modernsuperconducting materials 2013/10/10
1292: Recent Technology of Power Converter system for Utility Power LineInterface 2013/9/30
1291: The Interaction of Power Systems and Converters 2013/8/30
1290: Superconducting Electric Power Apparatus and Systems toward their High Performance and Multifunctions 2013/9/20
1289: Basic and Applications for High Performance Magnetic Sensor 2013/8/20
1288: State of the practical use of the superconducting technology using a magnetic force control technology and new developments 2013/7/30
1287: :< class="p-link"a href="https://www.iee.jp/wp-content/uploads/honbu/90-eng/13-publication/tech-rp/tr-1287.html" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Optimization Benchmark Problems for Industrial Applications 2013/7/25
1286: Report of technology study on improvement of reliability of the water and sewerage facilities 2013/7/10
1285: Advanced Operation of the Road Facilities 2013/6/25
1284: Application of MHD Technology 2013/6/25
1283: Application technology of smart grid for electricity customer 2013/5/30
1282: Electrical insulation of dielectric liquids and applications of EHD, ER.MR 2013/5/30
1281: Latest Trends of Technologies and Applications of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines 2013/5/20
1280: The development to an engineering field from various technique fields of BACS 2013/5/20
1279: Recent progress in motion control for human support 2013/5/20
1278: Technical trend of vacuum circuit breaker and vacuum switchgear 2013/3/25
1277: Technology Trend and Issue of Rust Measure for Steel-materials Distribution Facilities 2013/3/5
1276: Present and Future Communication Technology for Protection Relaying 2013/2/5
1275: Control Techniques for Applications of Nanoscale Servo 2013/2/20
1274: Recent Technology of Power Magnetic Devices 2013/1/25
1273: Fundamentals and Applications of Recent Machine Learning 2013/1/25
1272: Application technologies of arc and glow discharges 2012/12/25
1271: Recent Trend of Material for Transformers and its Application Technologies 2012/12/20
1270: Wind Turbine Grounding Systems for Lightning Protection 2012/12/10
1269: Recent technology Trend of Transmission Power Cables in Overseas 2012/12/10
1268: Technologies for Automotive Electric Power Management 2012/11/1
1267: The data acquisition and distribution scheme of power system operation 2012/11/30
1266: Reduction of environmental impact in water and sewage works -trends and future- 2012/10/25
1265: Feasibility of MDOF New-Generation Actuators 2012/10/25
1264: Recent trends in the GIS standards with other related standards 2012/10/10
1263: Fuel Cells in Energy Networks 2012/10/5
1262: Agent-Based Simulation and Real Data Analysis 2012/10/5
1261: human-friendly sensing for next generation 2012/9/20
1260: The trend of magnetic applications in medical technology 2012/9/20
1259: Transition of Linear Drive Technology and Usage for Industry Applications 2012/8/30
1258: Application Guide for Insulation Coordination in Non-effectively Grounded Systems and UHV Systems -Technical Explanation of JEC-0102-2010- 2012/8/30
1257: High-Performance Permanent Magnets and their Applications 2012/8/10
1256: Present Condition and Future Trend of Wind Power Technologies 2012/8/10
1255: Recent Trend of Power Electronics for Automobiles 2012/8/10
1254: Thermal Assisted Nano-Spin Storage Technology 2012/7/20
1253: Frontier of variable speed AC drive technology 2012/7/10
1252: High-energy power capacitors, their applied technology and the trends 2012/6/20
1251: Technology Trends in Energy Systems of Information Apparatuses in Homes and Offices 2012/6/20
1250: Applications of Biomedical Photonics 2012/6/5
1249: Trend of the International Standard about the Electrical Safety in the Railway 2012/5/10
1248: Electromagnetic Technologies for Forecasting and Monitoring Natural Hazards 2012/4/25
1247: Magnetic Suspension Technology and Application for Environment-conscious Systems 2012/4/20
1246: Environmental Load Reducing Technologies for Power Receiving and Distribution Substations 2012/3/5
1245: Degradation Diagnosis Technology based on Characteristics of Insulating Materials in Electric Power Apparatus 2012/3/5
1244: Practical Performance Evaluation Techniques of Rotating Machines by Electromagnetic Field Analysis 2012/2/20
1243: Asset Management for Electric Power Equipment Based on Insulation Diagnosis 2012/2/10
1242: The Latest Power Semiconductor Switching Circuit Technology Corresponding to Global Environmental Issues 2012/1/25
1241: Analyzing Models of Distributed Generations for Grid Interconnection 2012/1/25
1240: Advanced Scheduling and its Evaluation in Railways 2012/1/20
1239: Industrial control technology considering energy saving and ecology 2011/11/25
1238: The subject and future view about diagnosis and renewal of industrial electrical equipments 2011/11/25
1237: Control Techniques of Advanced Motors for Next Generation 2011/11/1
1236: Lightning Accident Case and Protective Measures for Electrical Facilities in Factory 2011/10/25
1235: Technical Report of Studies concerning Contact Line Maintenance considering Environment in Railway 2011/9/30
1234: Insulation Coordination and EMC Technologies for Low-Voltage and Control Circuits at Power Stations and Substations 2011/9/30
1233: Effective Numerical Techniques for Advanced Electromagnetic Field Analysis 2011/9/5
1232: Development Status of Extreme Lithography Technologies 2011/9/5
1231: Basic Functions of BACS by Using Open Technology and BACnet Communication Protocol 2011/8/25
1230: International Standard Harmonization for Inverter-fed Induction Motors 2011/8/5
1229: Current Status of Advanced Power Systems including Micro grid and Smart grid 2011/7/25
1228: Nanostructured magnetic materials -fabrication, evaluation, application- 2011/7/25
1227: Technologies for High Performance Traction Equipments 2011/7/15
1226: Investigation report on trend of new technology for Medium-Small sized hydro power plant 2011/6/30
1225: The failure and accidents of electrical installation used in buildings and factories, and the prevention of such failure and accidents 2011/6/30
1224: Reaction Processes and Advanced Application of Plasma with Liquid 2011/6/10
1223: Human Interface of Systems for Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants – Current Status and Future – 2011/5/30
1222: Cooling System of Synchronous Generator 2011/5/25
1221: Basis of Collaborative Technologies for Nanoscale Servo Control 2011/4/25
1220: Automated Driving Systems of Automobiles 2011/4/25
1219: Current Studies on Nano-Interface Properties of Organic and Composite Thin Films toward Device/Sensor Applications 2011/4/25
1218: Partial Discharge Measurement and Inverter Surge Insulation under Repetitive Voltage Impulses 2011/4/15
1217: Particle Swarm Optimization and Computational Intelligence Techniques for Industrial Systems 2011/3/1
1216: Recent trend of surge analyses placing emphasis on numericalelectromagnetic analysis by the FDTD method 2011/3/1
1215: Direct-current distribution and generation of next power system 2011/3/1
1214: X-ray Electromagnetic Application Technology 2011/2/15
1213: System technology to realize smart utilization of power systems 2011/2/15
1211: The new trends of safety and security related to manufacturing systems 2011/1/5
1210: IT Technology for Utilizing Field Information In Social and Industrial Systems 2010/12/10
1209: Current Status and Subjects for RFID Application to the Iron and Steel Industry 2010/11/30
1208: Restoration of power system 2010/11/30
1207: Trend of New Applications of PM Motors and New Technologies toward their Spread 2010/11/15
1206: Trend and Issue of Environmental Resistance Test for Distribution Electric Wire and Overhead Cable 2010/11/10
1205: Application Technologies of Interface-Converters for AC Power Sources 2010/10/25
1204: Lightning discharge phenomena with the global circuit model in atmosphere 2010/10/20
1203: Substation control and monitoring system technology 2010/10/20
1202: Technologies for Automotive Integrated Electric Power Supply Systems 2010/10/20
1201: Simulation Technique on Magnetic Applications 2010/9/15
1200: Guide for Application of JEC-2300 -Investigation of Interruption Phenomena on the Transmission System in Japan and Background on the Revised Edition of JEC-2300- 2010/9/10
1199: MHD Energy Conversion Application Technology 2010/8/20
1198: State and trends of the precise magnetic force control technology using magnetic characteristics of materials 2010/7/30
1197: Power Electronics Technologies Constituting Innovative DistributionNetworks 2010/7/30
1196: Technical Report of Diagnostic Technology for Induction Machines 2010/7/5
1195: Elemental technology use for industrial linear electromagnetic drive systems and their applications 2010/6/30
1194: Physics of Organic Dielectrics/Semiconductors and Interfacial Design 2010/6/25
1193: Lightning overvoltage on low-voltage distribution system 2010/6/10
1192: System Design Technologies of Voltage Sourced Converters for Power System Applications 2010/5/25
1191: Recent Trend of Maintenance and Diagnosis Technology of Oil-Immersed Transformer 2010/5/25
1190: New Service of Information Provision in Expressways 2010/5/10
1189: Technology trend of Gas Insulated Switchgear in substation system 2010/4/30
1188: Current Status and Subjects for Open Network of Control Systems Application in Metal Industry Production System 2010/4/30
1187: Development Trend of Energy Technologies and Systems for Low-carbon Society in Japan 2010/4/20
1186: A Technology of Constant Determination and Performance Calculation for Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines 2010/4/20
1185: Advanced Discharge Applications and Fundamental Discharge Parameters 2010/4/5
1184: Current Situations and Problems on Fail-safe Design and Risk Management in various cases of Road Traffic Information Infrastructure 2010/3/10
1183: Adjustable-Speed AC Drive Technology Applied Extensively in Transportation and Logistics Sector 2010/2/25
1182: Power Electronics for Automobiles 2010/2/25
1181: The trend of medium-voltage switchgear technology with consideration of environmental resistance performance 2010/2/10
1180: The trend of Industrial Controllers 2010/2/10
1179: Needs Change and Future Directions of Monitoring Control System and Information Management System for Public Facilities 2010/1/25
1178: Cause and Countermeasure Technologies of Flashover for DC Machines 2010/1/5
1177: The trend of the research and development for the upgrade of the high current energy system  2010/1/5
1176: Improvement of Small Sized Application Specific Motors and Evaluation Technologies of It  2009/12/25
1175: Technical trends and applications on high-speed power line communication 2009/12/25
1174: Technologies for cognitive agents and their applications 2009/11/30
1173: Lightning, Surge Arresters, and Insulation Co-ordination for High Voltage Power Systems 2009/11/25
1172: Clarification of lightning damage mechanism on power distribution lines and upgrade of forecast technique of damage rate 2009/11/5
1171: The present conditions and the future prospects investigation of the simulation technology in water supply and sewer system 2009/12/1
1170: A Report on Industrial Applications of High Power Semiconductor LDs 2009/9/25
1169: New Generation Electric and Magnetic Actuators 2009/9/10
1168 Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Rotating Machine Design and Performance Evaluation 2009/8/20
1167 The review of the human health effect due to the exposure to electromagnetic fields 2009/8/20
1166 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in Future Energy Networks 2009/8/5
1165 Energy Saving Technology and Application Trends at Industrial Fields 2009/7/30
1164 The Trends and Study of Life-cycle Managements for Distribution Equipment 2009/7/30
1163: Steel Corrosion and Wear Phenomena of Overhead Transmission Lines 2009/7/30
1162: Advanced metal sputtering plasmas and their recent trends 2009/7/15
1161: Current and Future Technical trends on Energy Storage Application Technologies for Mobile Vehicles 2009/7/15
1160: Infrared Technology for Safety and Security 2009/7/15
1159: Industrial Applications of Pulsed Power Technologies 2009/7/1
1158: Bioinstrumentation technology in the medical and welfare field 2009/6/15
1157: Laser micro/nano scale processing for fundamental research and industrial applications 2009/6/15
1156: Trend of Fusion Technology on Electric and Mechanical Systems for Magnetic Suspension Applications 2009/6/1
1155: Technology Trends in Energy Systems of Information Apparatuses in Homes and Offices in the Broadband Network Age 2009/6/1
1154: Elemental technology use for industrial linear electromagnetic drive systems and their trend 2009/5/15
1153: Electromagnetic Fields of Nanometer Electromagnetic Waves and X-ray
– New Frontiers of Electromagnetic Wave Engineering –
1152: Current Status of Development of Flywheel Energy Storage Systems using Superconducting Magnetic Bearings 2009/4/30
1151: Advances and industrial applications of soft computing 2009/4/15
1150: The present simulation technologies and its applications 2009/6/1
1149: Thermal Stability, Applications and Coercivity of High-Performance Permanent Magnets
– Evaluation of Long Term Stability of Rare Earth Magnets in a Partially Magnetized State and Investigation on their Applications and Coercivity of the Magnets –
1148: Characteristics Evaluation and Potential Applications of Polymer Nanocomposites as Evolutional Electrical Insulating Materials 2009/3/5
1147: Lightning striking characteristics to structures 2009/3/5
1146: The Structural Technology of ICT-oriented Central Supervisory Control System 2009/2/20
1145: Trend in the latest technologies and applications of permanent magnet synchronous motors 2009/1/30
1144: Study on equipment troubles of hydroelectric power plants 2009/1/30
1143: Studies on Environmental Impact Reduction in Automobile Traffic with ITS Technologies 2009/1/15
1142: Technical Report on “Advanced Measurements and Simulations for Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum” 2008/12/25
1141: Risk Management Technologies for Nuclear Power 2008/12/1
1140: Systematize technology of multi degrees of freedom motors 2008/11/25
1139: Reduction Technology of Iron Loss in Stator Core of Synchronous Generator 2008/11/10
1138: Advanced Energy Utilization MHD Power Generation 2008/11/10
1137: New Control Technology for Nano-scale Servo 2008/10/30
1136: Technology Trend of Application of Environmentally Friendly Materials to Electrical Equipments 2008/10/15
1135: Education and Training Structure of Power System Operator 2008/10/10
1134: Wavelet and Knowledge Discovery Technology 2008/9/30
1133: The Present State and View about Harmonic Magnetic Applications 2008/9/30
1132: Power Technology of Japan through the Experience of Developments and Applications of Surge Arresters for AC3/3 – 1100kV and HVDC125 – 600kV Power Systems 2008/9/30
1131: Current Situations and Problems of LSI Design and Education 2008/9/25
1130: The Statistics of Setting and Operation Situation of Shunt Power Capacitor in Japan 2008/9/25
1129: Advanced computational techniques for practical electromagnetic field analysis(2008/9/10) 2008/9/10
1128: The latest Technology of Adaptive Motion Control to Environment 2008/9/10
1127: Failure Extension Prevention Technology by Frequency Relay System 2008/9/10
1126: Lightning Damages in Wind Power Plants and Mitigation Methods against Them 2008/8/25
1125: Techniques of Limiting Measurement on Discharge Phenomena in Dielectric Liquids and Application of Liquids 2008/8/5
1124: Impact of the Internet on Railway 2008/7/30
1123: Study of Total Risk Management on production facilities 2008/7/30
1122: The present status of the medical actuation technology 2008/7/25
1121: Management Technology of Automotive Electric Power Supply Systems 2008/7/1
1120: Design technology for Superconducting Device 2008/6/30
1119: The State-of-The Art Trends on Soft Switching Technology and Its Practical Applications 2008/6/20
1118: Technical Issues for the Realization of a Fusion Reactor and the Prospects for their Resolution through Spherical Tokamak Research 2008/6/10
1117: Status of Advanced Lithography Technology 2008/6/10
1116: The reliability of high voltage circuit breaker and its improvement technology 2008/5/15
1115: Surge Phenomena in Low-Voltage and Control Circuits 2008/5/1
1114: Modeling and simulation techniques of power electronic systems 2008/5/1
1113: Organic dielectric and electrical insulating materials for Information and Communications Technology 2008/4/15
1112: Study trends, demonstrations and trials of sensor networks 2008/4/1
1111: Trend and Applications of Matrix Converters 2008/3/10
1110: Fabrication and superconducting properties of advanced superconducting tapes and wires 2008/3/5
1109: Current Situation and Future Activities of Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance Technology for Public Facilities 2008/2/15
1108: Economical Assessment of Insulation Diagnosis for Electric Power Apparatus 2008/2/15
1107: Current situation of Technology and Problem on Utility Pole Eliminating Program 2008/1/30
1106: Power electronics Technology in Vehicle 2008/1/30
1105: Recent Technologies and Aging Phenomena of Accessories for HV and EHV XLPE Cables 2007/12/5
1104: Life Extension Technologies for Large DC Machines 2007/11/15
1103: Open technology for information-oriented office toward coming next generation 2007/10/30
1102: A report on the risk management and compatibility for lightning in information, communication and power system 2007/10/25
1101: Properties and Novel Functions of Organic and Composite Films by Nano-structure Control for Device Applications 2007/10/25
1100: Analysis and Operation Technologies for Power System Utilization 2007/9/15
1099: Logic algorithm related to hatto/hiyari for precausion against human error 2007/8/20
1098: Recycling Technology for Power Receiving and Distribution Substations 2007/8/15
1097: Recent Technology Trend on Maintenance of Medium- Voltage Switchgear 2007/8/1
1096: Power Conversion Circuits for Utility Power Line Interface 2007/7/25
1095: Evaluation of Current Intelligent Systems Applications to Power Systems 2007/7/25
1094: Technologies of high speed and high precision electromagnetic field analysis for rotating machines 2007/7/25
1093: The leading-edge power electronic technology applied to power distribution systems 2007/7/20
1092: Technical Report on System Model Analysis in Energy Research 2007/7/20
1091: Advanced Information Provision Service in Expressways 2007/7/20
1090: Present State and Trend of Technologies for Improving Non-Flammability and Less-Flammability of Power Transformers 2007/7/20
1089: Condition Monitoring and Preliminary Diagnosis Technology for Railway 2007/6/25
1088: Performance of Superconducting Apparatus in Electric Power Systems 2007/6/5
1087: Soft Computing and Industrial Systems Design 2007/5/25
1086: Security Management in Faculties of Water and Sewage Works 2007/5/15
1085: Recent Advances in Intelligent Sensor Technologies and Advanced Motion System with Multiple Functions 2007/4/25
1084: Control technologies of power electronic equipment for power system applications 2007/4/20
1083: High Current Operation Technology in Energy Systems 2007/3/30
1082: A revolution of the recent power device development 2007/3/30
1081: Multi degrees of freedom motors and their element technologies 2007/3/20
1080: Optimization Technology for Application Specific Reluctance Motors and Reluctance Torque Assisted Motors 2007/3/1
1079: Survey on CSCW System Technology for 21st Century-Type Organization 2007/2/20
1078: Present Conditions of Railway Technical Terminology
– International Comparison of Concepts and Terms –
1077: Technological trend of GPS and location information system 2006/12/25
1076: Present Trends and Perspectives of Applications of Information Technology to Management and Operation in Power Distribution System 2006/12/15
1075: Application guide to gas insulated switchgear (GIS)
– Background of standardization and revision of JEC-2350 –
1074: The Technical Report on Trends and Classification of Computing Method for Linear Electromagnetic Systems 2006/12/5
1073: Novel Technologies and Applications of Adjustable Speed Drives of AC Machines 2006/11/30
1072: The State-of-The Art Soft Switching Power Conversion Circuits and Their Applied Systems Technologies 2006/11/20
1071: Evaluation of discharge property and degradation phenomena of material surface of polymeric insulators 2006/11/10
1070: The current status and future trend of technologies on bulk HTc superconductors and applied superconductivity 2006/11/10
1069: Overload Protection Relay Technology 2006/10/25
1068: Trend of Consignment to Private Companies and System in Public Facilities Operation 2006/10/20
1067: Calculation of electric field and current induced inside a human body when exposed to an electromagnetic field 2006/10/5
1066: Fundamental technologies of arc and glow discharges
– investigations on recent technologies over whole fields of these discharges –
1065: Natural Electromagnetic Phenomena and Electromagnetic Theory 2006/9/25
1064: On-Line Diagnosis for Cable and Electrical Equipments 2006/8/30
1063: Advanced Technologies of Small Motors 2006/8/25
1062: Life Assessment and Maintenance of Synchronous Machines 2006/8/15
1061: The Latest Review on the Application of Nitrogen Plasma and its Diagnostics 2006/8/10
1060: Advanced Nanotechnologies for Novel Nanosystems 2006/8/10
1059: Power System Operation Structure in New Environment 2006/7/20
1058: State-of-the-art technologies of high-speed drives and bearingless drives 2006/7/5
1057: Virtual simulation systems and their applications 2006/6/30
1056: Recent progress in practical motion control 2006/6/30
1055: Next generation servo control technology for mass-storag e system 2006/6/30
1054: Infrared Technology for Four National Priority Researches 2006/6/20
1053: FRequirement Specifications and Evaluation Methods for Fault Current Limiter 2006/5/30
1052: Research Committee on Wavelet analysis and peripheral approaches 2006/5/10
1051: Technology and Application of Polymer Nanocomposites as Dielectric and Electrical Insulation 2006/3/20
1050: Nano-scaled magnetic structures and their applications 2006/3/15
1049: Roadmap of Next generation Automotive Electric Power Systems 2006/3/10
1048: Analysis Technology for Electromagnetic Vibration and Acoustic Noise of Induction Machines 2006/3/10
1047: Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields and Biomedical Applications 2006/3/10
1046: Current status and prospects of high-speed circuit/device technologies
? Research on state-of-the-art technologies for high-speed devices and circuits and their related applications ?
1045: Insulation deterioration characteristics and surge withstand capability of printed wiring boards 2006/2/10
1044: Highly Accurate Modeling Technologies on Electromagnetic Analysis for Rotating Machines 2006/2/1
1043: High-speed and large-scale computation in electromagnetic analysis 2006/1/5
1042: The Current State and the Future Prospect of High-performance Thermoelectric Materials 2006/2/15
1041: Investigation Report about Application of Information Technologies on Maintenance of Substation Equipments 2005/12/20
1040: Electromagnetic driving systems emerging in medical industries 2005/12/20
1039: Network operation and management technology in a broadband network era 2005/12/20
1038: The new technology of power system operation under competitive environment 2005/11/10
1037: The evaluation method and application of insulators under various contamination environments 2005/11/1
1036: Next-Generation Medium-Voltage Switchgear Technology 2005/10/5
1035: Evaluation of applications for Fuel Cell systems
– Status and Issues for public and service use –
1034: Drive circuits and control technologies for permanent magnetic motors and reluctance motors 2005/10/25
1033: Lightning Parameters for Insulation and Protection Designs of Power Systems 2005/9/15
1032: Latest Trends in Reconfigurable LSI 2005/8/30
1031: The feasibility of direct current distribution network 2005/8/30
1030: Application of Mobile Communications to Public Transport Services 2005/8/15
1029: Investigation of possibility of multi-dimensional drive system 2005/7/25
1028: Clean and high efficiency MHD power generation 2005/7/20
1027: Electromagnetic Transients on Electric Power Systems including New Electric Power Equipments and Its Analysis Method 2005/6/30
1026: Recent Advances in Motion and Sensor Technologies for Multiple Functional System 2005/7/5
1025: The electric power system technique for effective use of the dispersed generation 2005/6/30
1024: Industrial linear motor, its characteristic measurement and evaluation methods 2005/6/20
1023: The present situation and the progressive trend of environmental conformity techniques for transformer 2005/6/20
1022: Diagnosis Methods and Countermeasures against Deterioration of Hydro-turbines 2005/6/15
1021: Recent Progress of High-speed and High-density Magneto-optical Recording and Applications 2005/6/15
1020: Elemental Technologies and Recent Advances in Reluctance Torque Assisted Motors 2005/6/15
1019: Technical trends of next generation lithography 2005/6/15
1018: Recent Developments on Pulsed Power Generation and Application 2005/5/30
1017: Status and dynamics of magnetically suspended machines 2005/5/30
1016: Wire and Conductor Technology of Superconducting Materials 2005/5/25
1015: Present Conditions and Future Directions of Wide Area Integration Technology in Public Utilities 2005/5/10
1014: Technical Report on Architecturally-integrated Photovoltaic Module Engineering 2005/5/10
1013: New light sources and Measurement 2005/5/20
1012: Survey on Enterprise Information Collaboration Technology 2005/4/5
1011: High-Performance Magnets for the Next Generation and Their Applications
– Evaluation of irreversible flux loss for high-performance magnets under insufficient magnetization conditions and researches on their applications –
1010: Technological Trend and Outlook in the Future of Distributed Energy Systems in IT Society 2005/4/5
1009: Ceaseless Progress of Adjustable Speed AC Motor Drive Technologies 2005/3/25
1008: Current Status and Subjects for Field Network Application in Metal Industry Production System 2005/3/25
1007: Committee Report of Flexible Signaling System 2005/3/25
1006: Present State and Trends of Load Supply System Protection Relay Systems 2005/3/1
1005: Risk Management of Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Plants 2005/3/10
1004: Traffic Information Provision Policy in Expressways 2005/2/25
1003: Investigation of actual conditions result concerning new dielectric substance of power capacitor and view in the future 2005/2/25
1002: Improvement of efficiency and safety of automotive transportation using information and control technologies 2005/2/25