Shinya Fushimi, The 111th President of the IEEJ


It is my great honor to serve as the 111th President of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ). Over the next year, I will work hard to develop the IEEJ together with all of you.

Currently, while the COVID-19 has subsided, the world is still facing global warming and climate change. In Japan, the falling birthrate, the aging population, and the depopulation in local areas are growing challenges for our society. It is time for the IEEJ and its members to contribute to solve these social problems. Looking at our R&D practices, researchers and engineers can get every kind of information from the internet, or get together on an online meeting platform. In such a digitalized R&D era, it is also time to review what values the IEEJ has provided, and how the IEEJ can add more and new values, to the members.

The IEEJ clearly defines its role in its articles of incorporation: “To be a platform for its members to present research achievements, communicate with each other, exchange knowledge and opinions, and to obtain technical information.” By enhancing the framework of “the IEEJ as a platform”, we will make the IEEJ more valuable to our society and the members. This policy is fully consistent with the concept of IEEJ’s “Grand Design” published in 2022.

In order to contribute to solving social issues, we will provide more opportunities for the members to engage with “people in the gemba (the place where real problems are visible)”, who need technologies and knowledge of the members to solve their intractable social problems. In addition, we try to use generative AI to enable advanced searches and access from other languages for various contents such as IEEJ papers, technical reports, and videos. We believe this effort will add new values to the members, as well as promote digital transformation of the IEEJ.

There are always new challenges to realize new values. We would appreciate the support and cooperation of all the members.