Keiichiro Yasuda, The 110th President of the IEEJ


I am honored to serve as the 110th President of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ). In my new role, I am committed to working closely with all IEEJ members to further the development of the institute over the next year. I look forward to your support in this effort.
The world in which the IEEJ operates has been changing dramatically in recent years. In addition to increasingly evident global environmental problems, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, and the digital transformation of society, we face the challenges of Japan’s declining population, declining birthrate, and aging population.
To sustain its activities and continue its service to society in this period of great societal upheaval, the IEEJ needs to reaffirm its universal mission of “contributing positively to the advancement and development of scholarship and industry and to the training of professionals in fields related to electrical engineering for the benefit society.” On top of this, the IEEJ must take action to address the challenges presented by the complex changes in the world and environment, now and in the years ahead.
With these circumstances clearly in mind, in 2022, after reviewing its current “Grand Design,” the IEEJ formulated and issued its updated “New Grand Design.” We then took into considerations concrete proposals from the IEEJ’s various societies, branches, and committees to put together a new “Medium-Term Action Plan.”
In 2023, our focus is on developing specific initiatives for the Medium-Term Action Plan, with the goal of fulfilling the New Grand Design. At the same time, while respecting the activities carried out by every society, branch, and committee of the IEEJ over many years, we are striving to build a more flexible and sustainable management system for the IEEJ.
The activities of IEEJ members, implemented with devotion and pride, will help to build, preserve, and advance the scientific, logical, ethical, and operational foundations of the institute’s various societies, branches, and committees, as well as the whole of the IEEJ. I expect these excellent foundations to positively impact all the individual members of the IEEJ, leading to interactive and emergent development. Furthermore, I believe that this is precisely the kind of process that can enhance the standing of the IEEJ and help to deliver genuine “member services.”
I look forward to the continued support and cooperation of all IEEJ members in this work.